Game Week 3 Write Up

Hello there Fantasy Football Friends, 


Welcome to game week 3, it’s great to have you all. 


Game week 2 was a week of defenders, Reece James (18pts), Tyrone Mings (15pts), Duffy (14pts) and Laporte (14pts) scoring a massive 61 points between them. 

Antonio and Benrahma scored again for Westham along with Mason Greenwood from United, three players to certainly keep your eye on. 


Morrissey’s Muppets had another cracker in game week 2 scoring 93 points, while Salmon United managed by Christian Stathakis has jumped into equal 2nd spot. 


There was also a lot of mid table movement with Waka Xhaka Flame scoring 84 points, cunning stunts scoring 83 points and  Luka Lipomodric also scoring 83 points – which is great work considering Luke is the same guy who moved into a Covid hotspot…..dickhead. 


Elland And Back Managed by Paris Svilicich was one of the top scorers this round scoring 88 points, Paris is a huge Leeds fan and happens to also be my coach at Dulwich Hill. 


Leeds play aggressive pressing football, Dulwich Hill play the same. 

Leeds play 3-5-2, Dulwich Hill play the same. 

Leeds pick decent hard working players, steer clear of arrogant superstars and pay them an honest wage, Dulwich Hill does the same. 


With all these similarities we are wondering if Paris sits in front of the TV to watch Leeds on a blue plastic bucket? 


Coming up in Game Week 3, City will put Arteta out of a job, Westham will make Viera wonder why he didn’t continue coaching average teams in the farmers league and Spurs will be looking to score more than 1 goal against Watford. 


Liverpool vs Chelsea is the obvious game of the round with the two German coaches doing battle. Jurgen Klip Klopp, the man with horse like teeth, will hope to keep Thomas Tuchel’s team of stars quiet. I don’t know about any of you but I’m hoping for a 6 all draw.


The big question on everyone’s mind is who are they going to captain for Game Week 3? A poll was conducted by FPL this week and the results are below. 




Good luck everyone, happy football. 





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