Game Week 4 Write Up

Hello Everyone,

Welcome back to FPL, I’m delighted to see this day come. We all can agree international break is crap. 

This week is going to be hard, I don’t know how else to describe it. Lots of players who have doubled up for their country with a 2-3 day turnaround between games and now another 3 day turn around into the Premier League. In my opinion, if anyone gives a firetruck, modern day footballers play too much football. Luckily that Super League debacle didn’t have any legs…
I’m expecting lots of FPL managers to play their wildcard or free hit cards this weekend and rightfully so. 
On Saturday night Jesus Christ himself returns to Manchester United, ironic considering a Jewish holiday just passed. All Manchester United supporters can agree, the Messiah has come. 
The big question is at $12.5m is Ronaldo going to be included in your FPL team? 

In other news, It’s September for those who don’t know. It’s hard to tell these days. The new month means we need to crown a Manager of The Month Award for August. We are changing the criteria of how you win the award, mainly because we have a suspicion it will be the same few winners each month and we want to keep everyone engaged. 

The criteria to win the award isn’t based on points moving forward, we will pick someone we think deserves it. Which sounds ridiculous because it is. 

We are picking winners based on whatever we feel like. It has some metric on it for that month, maybe it’s someone who is killing it week in week out? maybe it’s someone who is really shit but we notice they change their team every week? maybe it’s someone who triple captains their Goalkeeper? 

If there’s one thing I do know, anyone can be a winner – so keep on trying random things until you win. 


Last Month’s winner was…….. Steve Morrissey, he’s top of the league and we appreciate the amazing start he had. Congratulations Steve. 

The prize is friggin’ cool. Earlier this week Teho won a Red bull office party. They will curate the whole thing, supply a DJ and fund up to $8,000 of party amazingness. This is going to be off the charts.

Steve, put the wife and kids to bed early because Daddy isn’t coming home. YEEEAAAHHH BOOOOOYYY!! 

Good luck to all the FPL managers this week, work hard, play hard but don’t play 5.1km’s away from your house – that’s not ok. 

Thanks everyone for spending some time with me on your super busy Friday night, love you all. 


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