Game Week 5 Write Up


Cristiano Ronaldo, the most transferred player across the past 2 weeks and no surprise as to why. What a player. 

Will you all captain him for the next 33 weeks? Probably. 

The top of the table is starting to heat up with Manager of Salmon United, Christian Stathakis, a name most can’t work out how to say, making some great decisions with his team over the past few weeks.

For those that don’t know Christian, he goes by “Salmon” because he fancies himself as a goalkeeper but at 5″9 he finds UP LIKE A SPAWNING SALMON!

Game Week 5 kicks off tomorrow morning at 5am with Newcastle taking on Leeds, which is certainly a game with over 2.5 goals for all you punters out there. Put $250 on it, I dare you. 

The Game Week is full of great games with the likes of West Ham taking on Manchester United and Spurs taking on Chelsea in the London derby. 

Apologies to everyone on a short article this week which may well not make much sense, I’ve had a few too many big cocks and gin. 

Peace you sexy humans, 


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