Game Week 6 Write Up

Welcome Everyone, it’s always a pleasure.


We had some cracking football last week in a decent scoring round across the board, the top points scoring team in Teho: Fantasy Land for the Round was Klopps & Robbers, managed by Ryan Frame (who is looking for an NPL club for next year) with 81 points.


The highest scoring team so far in September has been Crows Nest FC managed by David Green. The name of the team has stemmed from David’s love of Crows Nest, if you ask David about Crows Nest he’ll tell you it’s one of the greatest places on Earth. David’s radiant love for Crows Nest is well known across his network of friends and family, he’s commonly referred to as the King of Crows Nest. 


If the Taliban also took over Crows Nest, I’d believe that to be true.


The title race is heating up with Salmon United pushing hard for top spot, while Morrissey’s Muppets are just holding the lead. Will we see a new leader by the end of Gameweek 6?


Last week was another week for high scoring defenders with Matty Cash from Villa and Thiago Old Man Silva from Chelsea scoring 15 points, proving yet again choosing good defenders in Fantasy to go a long way.


Looking toward this week we have a blockbuster clash when Chelsea take on City at Stamford Bridge. It’s always tough to choose a winner between these two sides but it’s likely someone will take the 3 points. Over the last 32 meets these teams have had, Chelsea have won 12, City have won 16 with only 4 draws. What a game this is shaping up to be.


The most transferred players for this round are Anotnotio of West Ham (of course), Sarr of Watford (cheap and scores goals) and Ronaldo (because he’s Ronaldo). Interesting enough Feran Torres of City is the second most transferred out player leading into Gameweek 6, which suggests managers around FPL are considering his starting 11 time is up.


Captain Picks has been a hot topic around the last few weeks. Salah, Fernandes, Ronaldo and even Lukaku are all well in contention for a captain pick each and every week for those who have them. Pick wisely my fantasy brothers and sisters, this shit is friggen important.


Anywho…. peace and love and all the rest of it.


Over and out,


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