Game Week 7 Write Up

Welcome Friends and Family to Gameweek 7

Gameweek 6 was another great week of football, how good is football, I f*cking love football. Ismaïla Sarr continued his good start to the season with a goal as Watford picked up a point against Newcastle, while Conor Gallagher grabbed the assist as Crystal Palace picked up a point in a 1-1 draw with Brighton.

European action in midweek means that plenty of players from the top clubs will have played multiple games, but the focus is now on Gameweek 7 and where the points can be picked up there.

More and more players are using chips, with Fantasy Football telling me that 35.3% of players have now played their Wildcard. Alongside that, 13.6% have gone for their Triple Captain – some of those went for Bruno Fernandes on Saturday, which returned a total of 0 points. 
This week is Women’s Round in TEHO: Fantasy Land so make sure you’re all wearing pink while you watch football this weekend. We are highlighting the great women who contribute to this amazing competition. 

Cookies, managed by Tori Athos, is playing their first year in the tournament and isn’t doing too badly at all. Tori is my girlfriend and is super duper amazing at everything and I love her heaps and stuff (brownie points). Tori over the last few years has grown to love football, maybe not by choice as it’s on all day in the Green household. 
Woofington United, managed by Jacci Bull is in their second season in this great competition. Jacci is David’s girlfriend which requires great patience, lots of effort (he’s so needy) and an ability to put up with an immense amount of hair. Jacci loves football and is unfortunately a die hard Arsenal fan regularly waking up at all hours of the morning to watch the Gunners. Woofington United, Managed by Jacci Bull is on equal points with Cookies, managed by Tori Athos in which the pundits are calling the battle of the Green Girlfriends. 
Another woman who is out there loving football and having a crack at their first year in FPL is Hannah Smith, who is managing I like sportz. Hannah is the keeper for North Sydney Women’s all age 2’s but the real test is if she can save her FPL season. 
Kat Gillessen is also in her first season of FPL, unfortunately in last position it seems like she has just made a donation. We will be sending her a receipt for tax purposes.  

Adelaide Dalton is sitting in 53rd position in the league, Adelaide has an amazing ability to pick a player each week to then be injured in the following week. It’s incredible, check it out for yourself.  

The final lady of the league is Terri Green, who is managing MamaBear. Terri’s team is overseen by Phil Green, her husband who amazingly is also my Dad. Crazy I know. 
Thank you to all the amazing Women in the TEHO:Fantasy Land. 
Oh and Aston Villa aren’t playing in this gameweek, just an FYI. 

JG – Master Yogi. 


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