Round 1 Preamble

Welcome everyone to the first month of Fantasy Premier League brought to you by Teho.

The top scoring manager of each month will be awarded with the Manager of the Month Award. The award will vary each month and will not come out of the kitty. If anyone has any ideas or would like to donate an award, we encourage you to do so.

August is a short month with only 3 game weeks. 

We open the season with Brentford taking on Arsenal at the boringly named Brentford Community Stadium, where Alexandre Lacazette can make history by scoring a hattrick for the 3rd time on opening day. The first was when Arsenal played Leicester in the 17/18 season and the second opening day hattrick was against Fulham at Craven Cottage last year. 

Can he do it again? Maybe. Word on the street is one player in our FPL is going to triple captain him this weekend. Bold. 

We close out the weekend with the best game of the round, Spurs take on those light blue wankers, City. This isn’t the ABC everyone, we are biased AF. 

Westham and Manchester United seem to have the best first few fixtures to open the season. 

There are some very similar looking teams out there with some massive “Team Selected by %” numbers.

Shaw 56.0%, Salah 52.4%, Fernandes 50.4%, Martínez 37.2%, Ings 35.0%, Alexander-Arnold 33.2%, Toney 30.7%.

If we sat here 4 years ago we’d all laugh if someone said 56% of FPL players would have Luke Shaw on their team. 

The competition in the TEHO: Fantasy League is strong, we’ve done the research so you don’t have to. 

Steve Morrissey is the one to look out for, finishing last season coming 1319 in the world. Massive achievement. Bear in mind all his prior years have been shit. Fluke? That’s what Patrick Hughes says who was the winner of Teho’s comp last year. 

Another speccy player to watch out for is Justin Bunt who in 2008/09 came 553rd, I wasn’t that amazed at first because I had to double check they had computers back in those days. 

In 2008 the biggest transfer was Robinho, Real Madrid to Manchester City, £32.5m. Lakuku has just moved from Inter Milan to Chelsea (where he once played) for £271.7m – absolute madness. 

We wish everyone the best of luck in this year’s fantasy comp and we can’t wait to see Luke Lipovac at the bottom of the standings again where he belongs. 


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